Come, sit down among wooden beams, slate and stone and immerse yourself in a world of authentic flavours.

Choose any of our dishes, all created with the same love and care as our ancestors did.

Our products mixed with great wines from El Bierzo. Splashes of colour, quality and tradition. Never-ending sensations which you will want to enjoy.

To eat


· Cold meats platter:
Pressed pork shoulder, cecina from León, cured chorizo, smoked pork loin, cured sheep’s cheese
· Cecina (smoked and dried beef meat) with cheese and olive oil
· Homemade pressed pork shoulder
· Farmhouse soup
· Our roasted peppers
· Empanada La Moncloa (meat and potato pastry pie)
· Spanish omelette with peppers
· Spanish omelette cooked in our tomato sauce
· Scrambled eggs with cecina and peppers
· Fried free range eggs with chorizo, black pudding or minced pork meat (of your choice)
· Warm goats cheese with caramelised peppers and onion sauce
· Grilled vegetables
· Black pudding from León
· Octopus with boiled potatoes


· Garden salad (onion, tomato and lettuce)
· Pressed pork shoulder salad
· Tuna salad
· Moncloa (roasted peppers, macerated onion, tuna, egg)
· Fréjoles (Green bean)
· Marinated trout


· Botillo from la Moncloa (culinary specialty from el bierzo, seasoned ribs and pork’s tail) served with cabbage, chickpeas and boiled potatoes
· Marinated pork ribs
· Grilled lamb chops (rib and leg)
· Ox steak with onion jam
· Chichos (Minced marinated pork meat) with boiled potatoes
· Mencia wine blanched chorizo with boiled potatoes
· Free range veal chop
· Roasted easter lamb in Godello
· Free range chicken from Los Ancares
· Stewed pork trotters with tomato sauce and chickpeas


· El Bierzo style conger eel (pepper, onion and pea sauce)
· Trout with peppers
· Lent cod (grilled with pepper and garlic sauce)

Moncloa Traditional Menu

· Cold meats platter or farmhouse soup · Roasted peppers
· Empanada La Moncloa
· Botillo from la Moncloa or marinated pork ribs
· Dessert of your choice
· Café Completo (brewed coffee, cherries in liquor and a shot of traditional liquor)
(* Wine not included)

25€ / per person

San Lázaro Menu

· Cecina with cheese and olive oil
· Pressed pork shoulder with peppers
· Warm goats cheese with caramelised peppers and onion sauce
· Main course of your choice
· Dessert of your choice
· Café Completo (brewed coffee, cherries in liquor and a shot of traditional liquor)
· Wine: young red Mencía or young white Godello
v* Minimum menu for 2 people)

70€ / 2 people

To drink

El Bierzo, 
wine with history.
More than 50 wineries belongin to the Denomination of Origin of wines from el Bierzo, make from Mencía and Godello grapes that are a genuine delight to our palates.
The D.O. Bierzo, placed in the wide valley of the Sil river, receives the legagy of the Romans and monks who throughout the centuries settled themselves in our region. Wines with body, sense and stories to tell.

Our dishes are made with our own raw ingredients and homemade preserves with local, traditional recipes.